a powerful and knowledgeable companion to guide and help you on your weightloss journey

If you aim to lose weight for a special occasion or you are about to undergo weightloss treatment or surgery, WLcompanion can be a useful guide and companion.

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Developed by healthcare researchers from Imperial College London, one of the world’s top ranking research universities, WLcompanion will help you to keep track of your weight and feelings. When used with the Moves app by ProtoGeo this will provide you with a daily or weekly record of your mood, physical activity and weight. We hope that this will help you to set sensible goals for yourself and to see how you are progressing against those goals. Use the Settings page to determine which items you will record and how often (you can change these settings at any time). Use the Statistics page to view your data and review your progress over time. By using the app and registering anonymously with our research team you will be helping others to optimise their own weightloss journey. The more you and other people use this machine learning software, the more knowledgeable our research team becomes and the more helpful the app can become as a future companion.